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The series’ protagonist, an earnest but clumsy Ordinary High-School Student. Nicknamed “Anazaru” (literally the “leaky sieve”), this man cannot lie to save his life. So of course, he finds himself having to keep the secrets of a whole bunch of people throughout the story.

Also, they do so to stay against the tyrannical school system, their life issues, and one day, Koro-sensei. There is always a cliffhanger in this anime and that makes this anime very intriguing. Thus, it earns the number one spot in our best assassin anime list.

  • One example is in episode 19 of season 2, when she finds out that the mysterious warrior challenging people to a duel wasn’t a man as she envisioned, but a girl.
  • Karma is the most vocal opponent; he accuses Nagisa of becoming too confident as his talent for assassination grows and walking over others who work hard to kill their target despite not having any talent.
  • Despite his team-mates improved skills, Deepa’s carbon powers still proved as seemingly invincible.
  • This beast is frequently used in traditional hand-drawn vitality and is common in children’s cartoons.

Ruri is relieved to see Chrome win the battle against Magma. Ginro takes note that he is aware Ruri wants Chrome to win and that she shouldn’t worry as Senku will surrender the match. Out of respect for her position, the priestess states that she doesn’t possess such desires and that since this is a divine festival, she will accept whomever wins the competition. A confused Ginro then wrongly concludes that she is indeed fine with any winner and maniacally attacks Senku, only to be defeated and thrown out of the competition.


On the other hand, soon after in Chapter 86 Tomoko must participate in school-wide athletic activities. Desperate, she approaches her brother who refuses but provides an upperclassman from his soccer team. Tomoko becomes so overwhelmed she fears participating in the three-legged race with another boy. She realizes that other than “business handshakes with voice actors,” she has had no real interactions with boys. Is the lead protagonist of No Matter How I Look At It, It’s You Guys Fault I’m Not Popular!

Despite being a powerful demon, he also does a wonderful job serving Ciel, the revenge-seeking head of the Phantomhive household. The devil Dantalion appears, who tells William that he was chosen as a mediator for the demonic world. He now will be able to choose the acting ruler of the other world, which comes as a great surprise for the boy, and for us too. One day a Japanese girl shows up, and she gets killed immediately. Staz almost falls into despair, but Fuyumi stays there with him as a ghost. Staz swears to resurrect her, and that makes the start of their adventure.

It is perfect for testing software, access potentially harmful websites, etc. Since the sandbox is essentially a lightweight Windows 10 environment, you can use it as your regular Windows 10 system. Anything you do in the sandbox does not affect your regular Windows 10 installation. In case you don’t know, Microsoft also added the sandbox feature to Windows Defender so that it can better scan and protect your system from malware, virus, and other threats.

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